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Our unique patented design offers safe and secure connections using our 2.0® socket. Ideal for pipe and drape, backdrops, booth dividers, crowd management, signage, lighting, and more. Furthermore, Versatop products are made in the USA and are the best and easiest solution for quickly adding dividers or panels between tables and booths to enhance privacy.

Uprights with Glide-Lock™

Let us introduce to you our remarkable Glide-Lock™ telescoping upright poles. A complete makeover of the old bearing style slip lock collar, our patent-pending design addresses multiple issues from the old system that needed a better solution. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost any more than the old bearing lock telescoping uprights. We think you’ll love our new upright pole design with Glide-Lock™.

Inversion Series With Glide Lock™

Introducing the Inversion Series™ of telescoping upright poles. Using our patent-pending Glide-Lock™ system, this novel product allows users to set these upright poles inverted. The result is a system that allows a “from the ground up” extension of the upright to the required height, without standing on a ladder. The unique design allows the user to stand firmly on the ground in a safe lifting position while raising and lowering the telescoping pole.

Fixed Uprights

Often referred to as the workhorse of the trade show decorator business, fixed uprights are used by the hundreds of thousands for exhibit booths around the world. Our fixed uprights with Versatop™ connections offer a vast improvement of the conventional system. By allowing a multitude of money-making accessories to be securely attached to our poles, users now have the ability to upsell easy-to-install signage, decor and lighting options to exhibitors. Check out our standard accessories and see what you can do with Versatop Pipe & Drape 2.0®.

2.0® Telescoping Drape Rods

The heart of the Versatop Pipe & Drape 2.0® system is the unique “ball and socket” design. Our telescoping drape support rods with the uniquely engineered Ball Cap™ allows users to connect the system components quickly and safely. With no hooks or sharp edges, the top load connection equates to time savings with less damage during set up and tear down. Even under the most rigorous conditions, our nearly indestructible Ball Cap™ ends keep performing for you year after year.

Base Plates

  • Military grade black powder coated
  • Handle included
  • Three pin holes

*Pins sold separately (see below)

Pins (for Base Plates)

Choose your pin size based on your specific needs and on the following guide:

  • 6″ tall pin for up to 8′ tall uprights
  • 8″ tall pin for up to 14′ tall uprights
  • 12″ pin for up to 23′ tall uprights

The Sidearm™

The Versatop Sidearm™ is the best solution to safely and easily install multiple drape lines to a single upright. Molded as a structurally reinforced body with an extended Crown™ (approximately three inches from the connection point), it allows simple and secure installation of an additional drape line or valance to your next set. The Sidearm™ also gives users the ability to attach lightweight accessories directly to the body. By using one of the “flange nut” rails on either side, users have a wide variety of attachment options. In addition, there are two 1/4” threaded inserts accessible from the top.

The Shoulder Block™

The Versatop Shoulder Block™ is the perfect solution for securing lightweight accessories to your Versatop 2.0® upright poles. Add a wide variety of elements to drape lines, from curtain swags to exit signs, you can secure just about any lightweight accessory with the Versatop Shoulder Block™. Utilizing one of the three 1/4” “flange nut” rails on the body, you have the ability to adapt to any need. Add eyelets, hooks, carabiner clips, exit signs, lightweight LED fixtures, and more. In addition, there is a single 1/4” threaded insert accessible from the top for added functionality and security.

Angle Mounted Crown™

The Versatop Angle Mounted Crown™ has proven to be one of the most versatile tools in the 2.0® product line. 

Attach the Angle Mounted Crown™ to a clamshell clamp or cheeseborough* for a variety of connection options. Use the Angle Mounted Crown™ to wrap truss with drape while still allowing clamp access to the truss structure. Secure the Angle Mounted Crown™ to a wall in a permanent installation to create doorways or draped off areas without the need for uprights or bases.

*Clamp Not Included

Mounting Post™

Another great solution for securing lightweight accessories to uprights outfitted with the Pipe & Drape 2.0® system. The Steel Mounting Post™ allows users to add a wide variety of elements to drape lines. Utilizing 1/4” x 20 threaded insert that is located in the center of most Crowns™, the Steel Mounting Post™ secures firmly to the top of your Upright. This allows users to secure a variety of accessories to the tops of uprights using the 7/16” x 14 threaded post; from exit signs, *lightweight LED fixtures and more. The Steel Mounting Post™ is built to be a versatile addition to your Pipe & Drape 2.0®  solution.

*Made from case hardened steel for years of use in the field ( 7.5 LB Maximum Weight Limit ).

Threaded Ball Stud™

One of the most useful accessories in the Versatop 2.0® lineup, Threaded Ball Studs allow users to connect a variety of elements to the 2.0® system. For example, attach Threaded Ball Studs to standard *frame screens that use 5/16” x 18 (or M8) coarse threaded inserts, and simply hang the screen from the drape line. *Weight limit of 20lbs per Ball Stud when properly installed and used with properly installed Versatop 2.0® Crown.

Anti-Roll Clip™

A simple solution to overcome the pull towards the center of gravity when using tie-on drape or backdrops with Versatop 2.0® drape support rods.

The Versatop Anti-Roll Clip™ is the perfect solution when using grommet drapes that require bongo ties, or tie line. Once clipped, the “beak” prevents the crossbar rolling action due to gravity, while still allowing for the flexible angle movement that the Pipe & Base 2.0® system is known for. The Anti-Roll Clip™ fits any crossbar that has been outfitted with the Versatop Ball Caps™.

Recommended use is two (2) clips per cross-bar section. Rated to support a maximum torque rating of 15 inch-pounds each, the Anti-Roll Clip™ will easily support standard velour or poly drapery.

Socket Clip™

The Socket Clip™ is a simple solution for integrating old slotted uprights with your upgraded Pipe & Drape 2.0® system. If you cross rent from companies that have not upgraded to Pipe & Drape 2.0®, or if your company rents to other firms, the Socket Clip™ is a “must-have” accessory. The Socket Clip™ fits any upright that has standard slots, allowing cross supports (sliders) fitted with Pipe & Drape 2.0® Ball Caps™ to connect to the slotted area of the upright. Made from a specially formulated fiber infused Nylon compound, the Socket Clip™ is lightweight and very strong. Rated to support a maximum load of 20 pounds each, the Socket Clip™ will easily support standard velour or poly drapery.

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