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Trade and Show Manufacturing is your premier source for innovative trade show and event production equipment solutions, where our patented and patents-pending products set the standard for excellence and innovation. In 2010, we revolutionized an entire industry with Versatop Pipe & Base 2.0®. Now we are bringing the same spirit of innovation to stage backdrops, modular wall systems, AV carts, and road cases.

Discover our unique product offerings:

Trade Show Supplies Versaframe Backdrop Wall Display

Frames & Walls:

Easily configurable frame systems with unique features that allow users to create functional spaces, or create displays that can integrate with our 2.0® system or be set as a stand alone element.

Trade Show Supplies Versatiles Modular Wall Panels

Modular Hardscapes:

Create engaging backdrops and dimension to sets with our unique collection of design panels utilizing a patents pending easy to use connection platform. Versatiles integrate seamlessly with Versatop Pipe & Base 2.0®.

Versacart Logo in White

AV Carts:

Designed specifically for on-site operations, our new Versacart line offers a robust platform that results in a safe and reliable equipment cart system for in-house production operations. Our patents pending system allows interchangeable equipment handling solutions unmatched by any other cart on the market.

Versatop Logo in White

Professional Pipe & Base Systems

It’s Pipe & Base 2.0®. Stronger, Faster, Safer, Better – Our Versatop 2.0® platform is more than just pipe and drape, it’s an entire system. Dramatically reduce labor costs while expanding your offerings with the most versatile pipe and base system in the world.

Trade Show Supplies Road Cases

Road Cases:

Offer unmatched durability, protecting your inventory from damage during transportation with Your Gear Defender™️.

What sets us apart?

By adding our professional equipment to your organization, you’re not only investing in quality but also introducing revolutionary advantages to your catalog that will save you money, create revenue opportunities, and increase safety on your job sites.

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